Most Trusted Digital Identity Solutions

Signicat is the leading provider of digital identity solutions in Europe.

Our mission is to build technology for people to trust each other in a digital world. We bring trust to identity claims in every step of the customer journey from onboarding to offboarding. We deliver business-critical services to Europe’s largest companies, so security and compliance is a big deal for us. Our trusted services are delivered in line with regulatory and best practice requirements.

Signicat offers the most extensive suite of digital identity solutions in the market, period. Our digital identity platform is unmatched in breadth with 30+ identity methods, AML/KYC compliant onboarding, mobile app-based authentication, advanced electronic signing and more.

Since 2007, we’ve built a solid reputation by enabling trusted digital business for highly regulated and non-regulated industries.

We create and maintain trusted connections. Between people and organisations. Between us and our customers and partners. A trusted connection is a strong and human connection, even if it is digital.

We are just people helping other people succeed. From people in huge enterprises to the end users of our products. We lead the way for our industry by solving the right problems with innovative, cutting-edge solutions, but we do it in a friendly and helpful way. We dare to stand out.

For a trusted digital world.