Score & Secure Payment (SSP)

Most Trusted End-to-End Payment Solutions Provider – France 2022 –

Score & Secure Payment (SSP) is a French fintech, a payment institution regulated by the French Central Bank that works in the creation, securing and guarantee of means of payment. We provide innovative solutions to meet the subscription and payment journeys of end customers, both in-store and online. More than 10,000 “merchant” customers from different sectors (travel, leisure, energy, automobile, health, FMCG, retail…) entrust us with more than 4 billion Euros in payments to be secured each year in France and Europe.

Our ambition is clear: guarantee collection, make digital payments simple, accessible and secure.

We manage all the technological and regulatory aspects to accept online payments, whether by bank account, by credit card or by cheque. We offer different modalities: pay now, later and in installments to allow our customers to increase their acceptance rate, conversion rate, improve their DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and focus on their growth.

SSP offers services across the entire payment value chain, including collection through SSPCollect. SSPCollect is positioned in financial mediation with solutions to speed up the collection of invoices, and the processing of unpaid bills from commercial reminders to legal recoveries.

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