About Us

Santander Portugal strengthened its position as the country’s largest privately owned bank in terms of assets and domestic loans and advances to customers. In 2019, Santander was the bank with the best reputation in Portugal and was named as the best bank in the country by Euromoney, for offering the best services to its customers, proving leadership, innovation and dynamism.

In addition, it also maintained the best risk ratings by the rating agencies, aligned with or above the sovereign’s.

Santander has branches distributed throughout the country to serve all business segments, with a focus on digital and commercial transformation.


Our history

Santander began its activity in Portugal in 1990 when it acquired a significant stake in Banco de Comércio e Indústria, but it was not fully consolidated until 1999, when it bought a significant stake of the Totta e Açores financial group and Crédito Predial Português. The merger of the Group’s three commercial banks (Totta, Crédito Predial and Santander Portugal) gave rise to Banco Santander Totta. Subsequently, Banco Popular’s business in Portugal was integrated in 2017.


Strategic priorities

  • Further the digital and commercial transformation, to make it simpler, more agile and closer to customers
  • Grow organically in terms of profitable market share, improving our lending leadership position and leveraging our position in the Corporate and SME segments
  • Improve efficiency backed by our digital capabilities to better serve our customers
  • Maintain an appropriate risk policy to maintain a low cost of credit, whilst maintaining a strong capital and liquidity position