Best Fintech Platform for Businesses – USA 2022 –

Raistone was born with the vision of equalizing access to working cap- ital and meeting the demand for working capital on a global scale. A world-leading fintech backed by equity investments from a broker dealer, $30 billion family office, a $900 billion wealth manager, and an international bank, Raistone enables the financing of billions of dollars in transactions every year. Its best-in-class technology coupled with unpar- alleled access to institutional capital extends financing to companies of all sizes, fully integrated with the same software platforms they already use.

The markets Raistone serves span virtually across all segments and sizes across the global economy. Accounts Receivable Finance em- powers suppliers and small- to medium-sized businesses to accelerate payments, while Supply Chain Finance allows midmarket companies and large corporates to maintain or extend payment terms without im- pacting their suppliers. Raistone enables the world’s largest enterprise software firms to deploy working capital finance tools to their millions of users with a proprietary set of easy-to-use application programming interfaces, allowing them to get up and running in a matter of weeks.

Raistone works to ensure that all businesses have access to their money, on their terms.