Fund Administration Services of the Year – USA 2024 –

Phoenix American is a premium provider of customised, client-oriented fund services for private equity and venture capital funds. As a fund administration and transfer agent partner, the company provides fund managers with industry-leading experience, technology and commitment to customer service.
Phoenix American was founded in 1972 as the sponsor of a series of successful equipment leasing funds. With the operational experience of supporting large-scale non-traded funds, Phoenix American became an SEC registered transfer agent and SOC audited third-party fund administration provider in the early 1990’s. The systems and processes developed as the back-office for Phoenix American’s funds were quickly adopted by the largest non-traded REITs, BDCs and equipment leasing funds in the industry. In the years that followed, the company expanded its offering to embrace every variety of non-traded investment funds.

With over 50 years of experience in administration for alternative investments, the company is the developer of STAR-XMS, the most advanced and versatile investor management technology in the private fund industry. STAR-XMS centralises, streamlines and modernises shareholder management and back-office efficiency for high investor count private equity and venture capital funds to an unprecedented degree. The system is integrated with wirehouses, broker-dealers, RIAs custodians, fundraising platforms and participants and technologies throughout the industry to support the most efficient fundraising and data flow available.

Combining the ability to manage funds of unlimited investor volume with institutional-quality fund accounting, tax document production and complete back-office outsourcing, Phoenix American is the ideal operational partner for sponsors of alternative investment funds. The company’s consultative, partner-oriented approach to customer service gives clients responsive service and all the benefit of its wealth of experience. Clients are able to leverage Phoenix American’s operational experience, technical capabilities and industry referral network to pursue any strategic opportunity with confidence in an efficient and reliable back-office architecture.

The company serves funds of every structure, strategy and asset class with processes designed to eliminate back-office frictions and free fund management to focus on sales and assets. Client services teams are designed to provide a responsive single point of contact with a knowledgeable team in support familiar with client fund operations and able to provide as-needed backup.

In the world of private equity and venture capital, precision, efficiency and compliance are paramount. For institutional funds or retail investor funds, Phoenix American distinguishes itself for the depth of experience, specialised technology and customer service culture that makes it the ideal back-office partner for alternative investment funds.