Best Online Consumer Financing Platform – Spain –

Nemuru was born to resolve frictions in the financial world, uniting companies, their clients and banks. We want to revolutionize the consumption of products and services through an agile, flexible and omnichannel financing platform.

For customers, access to financing options for their diverse needs can unlock their spending potential. Although banks provide financing solutions to a majority of the public, there are still large groups of consumers who are not having full access to all the financial options or are completely missing out. Apart from these groups, it is common for consumers to find it difficult to get financing for their specific needs that go beyond the traditional loans.

There is clearly a gap within the consumer lending landscape. And in this highly digitised world, customers are always ready to welcome innovative and tailored solutions that may not always be available with traditional banks. Nemuru wants to bridge this gap by providing lending solutions for merchants, platforms, and banks to better serve the final customer and help businesses and lenders grow their business or portfolio.

Nemuru’s credit-as-a-service platform seeks to democratise financing access for customers and allow businesses, platforms, and lenders to grow their sales and portfolios respectively. Founded in 2018, and based in Barcelona, Spain we are a group of 20 enthusiastic members sharing the common goal to revolutionise consumer lending. We are dedicated to making the best lending solution for customers, businesses, and financial institutions. Our aim is to make credit services accessible to everyone that is simple and convenient for all parties involved. Our platform acts as a credit intermediator and provides an advanced API that can be easily integrated by merchants, platforms, payments gateways or lenders such as banks to provide lending solutions to their clients. From BNPL or POS / Consumer financing (including auto loans) to white-labelling of the lending platform, Nemuru is here to offer 360-degree lending solutions.

The team at Nemuru is made up of curious, ambitious and enterprising people who are experts in different fields with extensive professional and personal experience. We work with the mission of generating a positive impact on people, society and the work environment itself. The goals and objectives of Nemuru are established with the vision of providing a quality solution to the market, both in terms of technology and in the personal relationship with the user. In the short term, our efforts are focused on the scalability of the business model and on adapting to constant change. While our long-term challenge is to grow continuously and sustainably.