Nairagram is a digital financial payments company that specialises in global cross-border remittances across America, Europe, Middle East and Asia into Africa. There are millions of African immigrants living abroad who need to send money back home to their families, and Nairagram provides this service in a way that is seamless and instant.

Nairagram’s aim is to be a leading cross-border payments company in Africa by achieving continental coverage across the continent by 2024, and offer payments across 3 dimensions; Inbound Africa, Outbound Africa and Intra Africa. Nairagram developed its proprietary payment network and currently offers the following services: Bank Deposit, Cash Pick-up and Mobile Wallet payments in 35 countries in Africa.

Nairagram currently operates two models: a Customer to Customer (C2C) model and a Business to Customer model (B2C). Under the C2C model, customers using our web or mobile app can send money to Africa in a few clicks, from the United States and Canada. Thus, making remittance to “mama,” “papa,” “sista,” “broda,” or “padi” hassle-free, and fostering a bond these nicknames evoke. Nairagram will be launching in the United Kingdom and Europe Q1 of 2024. Under the B2C model, other licensed Financial Institutions (FIs) such as Money Transfer Operators (MTOs), and Banks, utilise the Nairagram Network for payouts and settlement. The Nairagram network is currently utilised by over 40 active FIs.