Best eCommerce Financing Solution – Nordic Region 2023 –

MXNEY is a Copenhagen-based FinTech startup that makes the every- day easier for eCommerce smallpreneurs with a fully furnished financial home, consisting of eCom-tailored financial products such as growth fi- nancing, payment solutions, finance management, advanced analytics and more – all accessible through 1-click connectivity.

With a multi-million euro loan portfolio in growth financing to ecommerce businesses, MXNEY has achieved the award of 2023’s Best eCommerce Financing Solution in the Nordic Region from PAN Finance. MXNEY’s has recently further expanded its line of products realising their vision of providing a fully furnished financial home including all things “money-related” for eCommerce.

All while growing, MXNEY has adapted to the uncertain times of the VC- environment and has become cash-generative in their operations while maintaining a 10-20% MoM growth. In the coming months, they will be raising their Series A, not relying on venture capital to survive, but as a choice to excel beyond their current growth trajectory.

Scaling from an established player in Scandinavia to operating in 12 European countries, the sails have been set to combat the hunger for an eCom-tailored one-stop platform for smallpreneurs in the rapidly-grow- ing eCommerce space.