Management Financial Group

Management Financial Group (MFG) comprises of leading companies specializing in the provision of non-banking financial services in Europe and manages an extensive portfolio of successful endeavors in the field of consumer lending and home collected loans, financing of micro-, small and middle-sized enterprises, digital lending, P2P lending, credit cards, mobile payments, BNPL, debt collection and other successful financial business models. The Group is an end-to-end fintech ecosystem built for growth, optimised for performance and focused on consumer experience. The various companies within the Group hold over 15 active registrations and licenses for various regulated activities – crediting, credit intermediation, postal money orders, payment services, e-money, etc., issued from the respective regulatory bodies in Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine and Northern Macedonia.

Some of the companies in the Group have more than 16 years of successful market presence, some are in the process of dynamic growth, and some are startups. Some of the household brands and companies known to hundreds of thousands of consumers across Europe are Easy Credit, iCredit, AXI Card, White Card (Biala Karta), Fintrade, iuvo, M Cash, VeroCash, Viva Credit, NewPay, Settle. The MFG companies are a responsible employer of more than 8300 employees and consultants in over 450 offices in Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Spain. For all the years of their existence the MFG companies have provided 4.6 million loans for over EUR 1.69 billion. The active clients of the various enterprises across 6 operational markets surpass 750 000.

MFG’s ambition is to be a constantly evolving fintech ecosystem expanding globally and to provide the opportunity for financial inclusion for all and offer financial technologies for the benefit of the people. At MFG we innovate the future responsibly by building a better, more sustainable and harmonious world and future for our people, our clients, our partners, our children. MFG. The Easy FinWay.