Krungthai Bank

Established in 1966, Krungthai Bank is a financial institution for development and a  listed state-owned commercial bank. As reflected by its vision statement “Growing Together for  Sustainability”, the Bank is fully committed to helping people gain access to sources of finance  and developing their financial literacy to strengthen the grassroots economy. It is also constantly  developing financial services and solutions that support customers’ growth and stability, while  shaping a better society and generating satisfactory yet sustainable shareholder yield.  

True to its vision, Krungthai Bank is now growing together with Thai society and  constantly adapting itself to a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment. The Bank  has employed the “2-Banking Model” strategy, running its digital organization, “Speedboat”  alongside its traditional banking, “Carrier”, to accelerate its working processes and harness  technologies to better serve its customers and the public. This has improved not only the Bank’s  digital competitiveness but also transparency and public trust as well as sustainable  management.  

By leveraging advanced technologies and innovations, the Bank can now provide a  wider range of targeted services and solutions with user friendly experience. The Bank has also  contributed to the development of the country’s digital financial infrastructure in several ways  including developing an open platform mobile application for Thai people which will help to  reduce the inequality in financial access and promote the country’s financial inclusion.