Kapital Bank operates successfully as heir of Saving Bank of Azerbaijan. Currently, Kapital Bank is the largest financial institution in Azerbaijan. Kapital Bank serves more than 3 million individuals and more than 22,000 legal entities. At the same time, Kapital Bank closely participates in a number of state- owned social projects and implements a number of development programs of real sector.

Kapital Bank on May 3, 2018 in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan became a 100% owner of the Limited Liability company “BirKart non-bank credit organization” (“subsidiary”). The purpose of the creation of BirKart NBCO LLC is to improve access to financial resources of the population, especially the sale of card products at accessible points for stimulating non-cash payments.

NBCO can issue secured and unsecured loans based on a license obtained from the financial markets regulator. Loans provided by NBCO can be secured by collateral of movable property and real estate, collateral deposit, guarantees and other legal provisions. Collateral deposit can be accepted only if the financial market authority has issued a license to NBCO. NBCO which has been licensed for the issuance of loans, can carry out the sale of debt obligations (factoring, forfeiting), leasing, promissory notes, issuance of guarantees. NBCO’s attraction of deposits from legal entities and individuals is prohibited.