Proprietary Trading Firm of the Year – North America 2023 –

Integra Trade is a leading proprietary trading firm, specialising in providing exceptional, personalised support for remote traders. We take pride in being “the trader’s home” and are dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of tools and services to assist traders in taking their trading business to the next level.

Our Offerings: Integra Trade extends the opportunity for both in-house and remote traders to engage in stock, options, and futures trading, offering the flexibility of both proprietary and retail trading accounts. We furnish traders with trading capital, access to a diverse array of professional trading platforms, high quality training, education, and exceptional, personalised service and support.

Our Roots: Founded in 2009 by our CEO, Zack Nadel, Integra Trade operates as a division of T3 Trading Group, LLC, an SEC-registered broker-dealer, and a member of FINRA/SIPC. As one of the largest proprietary broker-dealers globally, our partnership with T3 Trading Group fortifies our ability to deliver boutique firm service with substantial strength and resources.

Our Mission: At Integra Trade, our mission is clear: to offer unparalleled integrity, cutting-edge technology, comprehensive training, and exceptional personalised support to active traders. Our ultimate goal is to empower traders to focus solely on their trading, knowing that their firm can be trusted to manage the rest.

The Integra Advantage: At Integra Trade, our foundation is built on integrity. We firmly believe that ethical practices are not only imperative but also strategic. We aspire to maintain full transparency and trustworthiness. Our commitment to doing what’s right has not only defined our ethical stance but has also solidified our reputation, fostering long-term relationships with our traders.

Our Commitment to Excellence: We take pride in the reputation cultivated over the past two decades and remain committed to upholding these high standards. Recognising that they are integral to our sustained success and the success of our traders, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence.

At Integra Trade, we blend experience, integrity, and innovation to create an environment where traders thrive. Join us as we continue to redefine the landscape of proprietary trading.