Incrementum AG

Incrementum AG is an asset manager founded in 2013. Independence and self-reliance are the cornerstones of our philosophy, which is why the five managing partners own 100% of the company. We are concerned about the economic developments in recent years, especially regarding the global rise in debt and extreme monetary measures taken by central banks. The partners of Incrementum are reluctant to believe that the basis of today’s economy, i.e. the uncovered credit money system, is sustainable. This means that market participants should look beyond the horizon of the current monetary system, particularly when it comes to investments. At Incrementum, we want to re-think investment strategies and implement them in line with today’s requirements. Our goal is to offer solid and innovative investment solutions that do justice to the opportunities and risks of today’s prevalent complex and fragile environment. We specialise in holistic asset management and professional portfolio management for private and institutional investors and maintain a personal relationship with our clients based on continuity and trust. Thanks to our many years of experience in investment, we attach great importance to integrating environmental and social factors and aspects of good corporate governance. Our clients can rest assured that their capital is invested and managed responsibly. Furthermore, our clients appreciate the unbiased illustration and communication of our publications available for free on our website: Newsletter – Incrementum.