ID Finance

Fintech Company of the Year & Best New Neo Bank (Plazo) – Spain 2022

ID Finance is a financial technology company based in Spain with operations in this country and Mexico. Its main offering is focused on providing retail banking and credit-led finance solutions. The company is the fastest growing fintech in Spain, according to the FT 1000 ranking and it is also the first carbon-neutral financial technology firm in the region. ID Finance is consistently profitable and since its inception in 2015 has processed around 9 million credit applications.

The experience and tech expertise in credit management acquired during these years have allowed ID Finance to develop in just a few months its neo bank Plazo, offering a mix of debit and credit solutions of a complexity comparable to traditional banking. Plazo is the first Spanish credit-led challenger bank which currently offers a free Mastercard debit card which comes with one of the most attractive cashbacks in the country. After a successful launch, in November 2021, its first core credit product was integrated. Plazo is now further expanding its services to a wide range of purchase and credit solutions that will soon be available, such as fractional payments, BNPL and salary advances, among other.