Bank Governor of the Year – Latin America 2023 –

Héctor Valdez Albizu, born on November 10, 1947, in Santo Domingo de Guzmán, is a distinguished Dominican economist. Graduating in Economics from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo in 1971, he pursued further studies at prestigious institutions such as the Institute of Social Studies of the Catholic University of Chile and the International Monetary Fund, specialising in monetary policy and economic development.

Valdez Albizu’s career at the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic has been illustrious. He ascended through various roles, including Director of Economic Studies and Deputy General Manager, before becoming Governor. His leadership has brought stability and innovation, earning him accolades such as the Medal of Merit for the Public Servant and Economist of the Year.

Valdez Albizu’s contributions extend beyond administration; he has represented the Dominican Republic in international financial negotiations and engagements, emphasising economic prosperity. Additionally, he has overseen cultural initiatives at the Central Bank. A luminary in economics, Valdez Albizu’s legacy is marked by his dedication to the Dominican Republic’s economic growth and his influence on regional monetary policies.