Alternative Investment Management Platform of the Year – USA 2023 –

Dynamo gives alternative investors a Performance Edge, empowering them to efficiently scale their firm to capitalise on the growing waves of private market opportunities.

As the investments in alternatives accelerate, firms face an exponential increase in operational complexity from managing more relationships and documents to conducting more due diligence to managing a multiplicity of strategies. Traditional departmental point solutions, force-fitting CRM, or relying on spreadsheets and manual integration will fall short. Dynamo tames the chaos, so investors can rise above the noise and gain a Performance Edge.

With Dynamo, investors can now run a tightly integrated firm, aligning data, workflows, and teams across front, middle, and back office for greater growth efficiency. Dynamo’s cloud-native platform creates a single source of truth that ensures all teams are on the same page while giving leaders a 360-degree view for better investment decision-making. Dynamo’s built-in best practices drive faster time to value while the ability to tune processes and workflows supports your firm’s specific strategy and unique needs.

With more than 20 years of experience and $10 trillion assets under management, Dynamo provides a Performance Edge to 1000+ clients around the world, enabling them to harness the new waves of capital in alternative investments.