Best Digital Asset Management Solutions – Hong Kong 2022

dLab Asset Management is a licensed financial service company headquartered in Hong Kong. The company primarily offers financial solutions to its investors and investees, together with its business partners. dLab Asset Management leverages technologies such as deep learning, big data, and blockchain to provide superior financial solutions than traditional.

As one of the most cutting-edge technology-savvy asset managers in the Asia Pacific, the company develops innovative financial products such as a digital marketplace lending strategy which produces a highly diversified and liquid risk return to the investors while filling the gap in SMEs financing in Asia where far less than enough supply from the traditional financial system, and the next generation ESG investment strategy which is the first strategy in Asia to adhere to Article 9, the EU’s new leading standard for sustainable investment.

Any type of Investor – from high-net-worth to institutions – use our investment solution which meets their risk-return appetite. For example with our digital impact lending strategy, investors who need cash alternatives enjoy a diversified portfolio with a high Sharpe ratio and liquidity. Businesses of every size – from small to public companies – use directly or indirectly our digitalized financial solution as investees to create further value for their customers, employees and societies.

“We are very excited and incredibly honoured to receive this highly recognized award. I am so proud of what we have achieved together so far, recognition with only 8 months since our rebranding is one of the testaments to our fintech capability and the value of our solution focus approach. We thank the hard work and dedication of our brilliant team, our great business partners, as well as the unwavering trust of investors backing our goal to drive technology to deliver financial products of the next generation – thank you all for supporting our journey and this is just a beginning. Our mission is to utilise technologies without people recognizing they are using them. We know it is a very long journey and I am thrilled to tackle many of the great challenges ahead of us.” – Hiro Takaku, CEO

The company strongly believes that the core add-value of the financial industry is to bridge the money from one place to another by creating incremental value to the world by doing so. With the right vision and people, we believe we can help together to make the world a better place with our investors, investees, and business partners.