dLab Asset Management

Best Digital Asset Management Solutions – Hong Kong 2023 –

Headquartered in the bustling financial hub of Hong Kong, dLab Asset Management stands as a beacon of technological innovation and financial acuity in the asset management landscape. The company is licensed to provide a range of financial solutions, tailor-made to suit the needs of its diverse clientele comprising investors, investees, and business partners.

As a trailblazer in the Asia Pacific’s financial sector, dLab Asset Management utilizes advanced technologies including deep learning, big data, and blockchain. This technological prowess enables the company to offer superior financial solutions, outperforming traditional methodologies and paving the way for the future of finance.

dLab Asset Management’s commitment to innovation is showcased in its development of groundbreaking financial products. These include a Digital Impact Lending strategy that provides investors with a diversified, liquid risk-return portfolio while simultaneously addressing the under-served SME financing needs in Asia. Furthermore, dLab is proud to pioneer the next-generation ESG investment strategy, becoming the first in Asia to align with SFDR Article 9 – the EU’s new leading standard for sustainable investment.

Investors from high-net-worth individuals to institutions turn to dLab Asset Management for investment solutions that align with their risk-return appetites. Their ‘Digital Impact Lending Strategy’ is particularly favoured by investors seeking cash alternatives, providing a diversified portfolio with a high Sharpe ratio and liquidity. Concurrently, businesses of all sizes leverage the company’s digitalized financial solutions to create added value for their customers, employees, and societies.

Less than two years since its rebranding, dLab has earned significant recognition, reflecting its robust fintech capabilities and solution-oriented approach. The company’s CEO, Hiro Takaku, proudly states, “Our mission is to integrate technology so seamlessly into our financial products that users don’t even realize they’re using it. We are excited about the challenges that lie ahead on this journey.” Notably, Takaku highlights that the company’s AUM has exceeded USD 100m, marking a staggering growth of over 300% and serving as a clear testament to investors’ trust in them.

At the core of dLab Asset Management’s philosophy is the belief that the financial industry’s primary role is to facilitate the flow of capital, creating incremental value globally. With a clear vision, a dedicated team, and a steadfast commitment to technological innovation, dLab is determined to contribute to a better world, collaborating closely with its investors, investees, and business partners.

In an era of rapidly converging finance and technology, dLab Asset Management emerges as a reliable partner, combining cutting-edge technology, strategic innovation, and a steadfast commitment to sustainable growth to deliver unparalleled financial solutions.