dale! is the fintech of Grupo Aval, the largest financial conglomerate in Colombia, and its vision is to integrate all the players in the digital payments ecosystem into a single interoperable solution, whose ser- vices are exposed in more than 20 APIS that allow the development of Banking as a Service (BaaS) service alliances.

It is positioned in the Colombian market as a pioneer in offering BaaS services to third parties that are not part of the same business group. Through these integrations, it can integrate financial services such as opening electronic deposits, enabling balances or issuing co-branded debit cards, a strategy to provide added value to customers.

In 2023, it will allocate more than USD 30,000,000 to strengthen the infrastructure and ensure the quality of service.

dale! is interoperable with the following functionalities: transfers to a mo- bile phone number, e-commerce payments, free debit card, withdrawals at Aval Bank ATMs, payment of public and private services and mobile top-ups; it can also enable contactless payments with NFC technology, among other functionalities.

Potential partners interested in learning more about dale! BaaS services can contact: meinteresa@dale.com.co