Boutique Financial Services Firm of the Year – Malaysia 2023 –

Credit Investment Bank (CIB) Limited is a boutique financial services firm providing investment banking and capital markets solutions alongside bespoke financial advisory services to our clients across the globe. CIB is based in Labuan and licensed by Labuan Financial Services Authority, Malaysia. We have presence in Malaysia, Middle East and United Kingdom putting us in a uniquely well-placed position to advise and manage issuances and investments for regional clients and international investors. 

Our expertise in domestic and international treasury operations, investment banking, capital markets; wealth management solutions combined with our strong execution capabilities helps us to deliver tailored solutions. We have a comprehensive product suite and dedicated team of specialists to grow and preserve your investments. CIB also offer Shariah compliant Investment Banking services through its Islamic Window Operation. 

With the extensive knowledge and experience of the Labuan Financial Services Authority in promoting and regulating financial activities, we are in the position to launch innovative financial products with efficient execution and pricing, flexible and private environment to cater our clients’ financial needs. We take a unique hands-on approach with clients, providing in-house guidance through every step from due diligence to structuring to documentation and execution.

As a trusted advisor, we aim to work in identifying our clients’ competitive strengths as well as strategic issues that need to be addressed, prioritising business targets whilst formulating an appropriate business strategy that focuses to build and maintain our clients’ commercial advantages and strengths.

CIB team possesses forefront knowledge with unique innovative ideas and insights into both global as well as regional industries. Our experience and approach has aided in our ability to assist our clients in achieving strategic objectives in a timely, efficient and risk averse manner.

Our value proposition and business model enable us to align and work well with our strategic partners and clients, with a view to building and fostering a long-term relationship.

Investment Banking & Corporate Advisory:

The primary activities of CIB as an investment bank include capital raising, merger and acquisition advisory, financing with long-term debt or equity arrangements and trading in securities as well as derivatives such as futures contracts.

Asset/Wealth Management

Credit Investment Bank offers ongoing investment advice with comprehensive product recommendations and a dedicated team of specialists to grow and preserve your investments. The key features of our Wealth Management service are continued investment advice tailored to your specific financial goals and a bespoke investment process that helps you meet them. 

Investment Funds

Each of our CIB Funds is designed with different risk objectives and investment policies, and these dictate the asset allocation within the fund so you can choose the one that meets your specific needs. We use active asset allocation to take advantage of the changing opportunities in each asset class, to diversify risk and to seek to improve the returns on your investment.

Trade Finance

We offer short-term and long-term trade financing with flexible terms that are customised for each company’s specific needs.

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