Most Innovative Payment Platform – USA 2022 –

Checkbook’s all-in-one platform offers businesses everything they need to seamlessly and securely send payments at scale through a variety of methods, with no recipient enrollment required.

As industries transition from traditional payment methods to more efficient processes, Checkbook offers companies the option to continue using paper checks while also introducing them to faster and more seamless ways to issue funds, such as Push-to-card, Real-time Payments, ACH, Virtual Credit Cards, and Check21 with a single API call. Businesses can pay whoever they need with just three pieces of information: the business or individual’s name, the amount, and a phone number or email address, all with the flexibility to choose the methods that work best for their recipients. Paying insurance claims, class action lawsuits, 1099 workers, landlords, suppliers and anyone else is seamless.

Our mission is to solve the challenges of push payments by building a payouts platform for the digital age.