Bank of the Year – Guatemala 2023 –

Bantrab is a Guatemalan financial group that ranks second in the national system in return on assets and fourth in return on equity.

The Ministers of Labor of Latin America met in 1963 to discuss how they would make the Alliance for Progress their own. They issued the Declaration of Cundinamarca, which recommended the creation of banks that would encourage workers to save and meet their credit needs. As a result, the Guatemalan government issued the decree that created Banco de los Trabajadores.

The entity began operations in 1966, with an initial contribution from the State. The Guatemalan workers completed the authorised capital by purchasing shares and, in 1992, obtain approval to become a private bank with a social purpose.

Bantrab became, Grupo Financiero in 2010, after absorbing Banco de la República and acquiring Seguros Tikal and Financiera Latinoamericana. It currently consists of:

  • Banco de los Trabajadores
  • Financiera de los Trabajadores, S.A.
  • Aseguradora de los Trabajadores, S.A.
  • Casa de Bolsa de los Trabajadores, S.A.

Today, we are the second-largest bank in return on assets and the fourth largest in return on equity, positions that reflect our strength and stability. In addition, we have almost 5,000 employees.
Bantrab is a bank that cares for integral wellness. We contribute to improving the quality of life of our employees and support them in achieving their short- and medium-term goals. We do this by providing comprehensive solutions to apply in any area of their lives, and we have built a wellness ecosystem based on three pillars: financial, social, and digital.

Over the last six years, we have strengthened our Corporate Governance based on international best practices. As a result, Fitch Ratings and Moody’s have steadily upgraded our credit risk ratings.