Banesco begins its operations in 2011 in the Dominican Republic. It offers its clients various products and services, both financial and non-financial, with a presence in Santo Domingo, Santiago and Bávaro. At the end of the first quarter of 2022, Banesco reaches the sum of RD$43,768 million in assets, RD$31,005 million in deposits and RD$2,860 million in equity.

It is part of Banesco Internacional, a brand with more than 37 years in the banking, insurance and payments processing business. In addition to its natural organic growth, Banesco Internacional is the result of more than 20 mergers and acquisitions. With operations in the United States and Latin America, it is made up of four independent financial groups: Banesco USA, Banesco Panama, Banesco Dominican Republic and Banesco Venezuela.

Its founder is the banker and economist, Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez, who is also the main shareholder of ABANCA, an independent financial entity based in Spain and regulated by the European Central Bank that has positioned itself as one of the most profitable banks in that country.

The total assets of Banesco Internacional and ABANCA added together are equivalent to more than 94 billion dollars and they have more than 10,000 employees, 942 offices and 7 million clients.