Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil SA is the largest financial institution in Latin America and is present in more than 20 countries acting through its subsidiaries, branches and representative offices.

Banco do Brasil Aktiengesellschaft (BB AG), was established in 1980 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Banco do Brasil S.A. Besides its Head Office in Vienna/Austria, the bank has also four branches located in the following countries: Portugal, Spain, France and Italy.

The market strategy of BB AG is focused on Wholesale banking, mainly in deals with Brazilian flavor (Brazilian/European companies which intend to market with Brazil/Europe) abiding by country risk limits.

The main products of BB AG are target for corporate banking and trade financing. The product portfolio primarily comprises import and export finance transactions, letters of credit as well as forfait and guarantees. BB AG complements its product portfolio by domestic and international payment transfers and also money market deposits for corporate customers.

BB AG has taken relevant steps to consolidate its position as a financial institution for customers in Central Europe with trade relations to Brazil, creating significant global synergies within BB Group.