Supply Chain Finance Platform of the Year – Asia 2023 –

Air8 is a supply chain financing solution provider focusing on small-to-medium suppliers in the apparel and general merchandise industries.

Our heritage in these industries offers deep and thorough understanding of the associated risk at every stage of the supply chain, which helps to support and enhance credit decisions. Leveraging our insights, technology, and longstanding relationships within our verticals supply chains enables us to bridge the working capital gap for our clients, giving them access to flexible financing options to support their growth.

Our approach differs from traditional financial institutions, which allows us to cater to a broader range of customers and meet unfulfilled demand while delivering an enhanced customer experience. Our technology platform capitalises on our proprietary data together with alternative third party and public data to enable SME exporters in our industry verticals to have better access to working capital. Moreover, we support funders with capital deployment in short tenor assets tied to the real economy, enabling impact & sustainable finance in emerging markets.

Since our establishment in 2021, we have provided financing to suppliers across various countries globally, covering key emerging markets in our apparel and general merchandise sectors, and achieved an impressive annual GMV of over US$1 billion.

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