Outstanding Investment Leader of the Year – Sebright Chen

Mr. Sebright Chen is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Summer Atlantic Capital. He has shaped the strategic reorientation of different companies under management. Mr. Sebright Chen has had extensive experience in investment management, corporate advisory, technology, and pharma industries. Before founding Summer Atlantic Capital, Mr. Chen was the CFO for an AI startup that was acquired by one of the largest technology companies in the world in 2018.

He is a frequent speaker at the Horasis Global and Asia Meetings, serving as the Chairman of Venture Capital Council at the International Trade Council, and the Leadership Council Member at the National Small Business Association in the US. Mr. Chen obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Binghamton University, attained his Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate from Stanford University, and received his MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

He was awarded Financial CEO of The Year, China 2023 by International Investor Magazine, 2023 Annual Top 10 Emerging Young Investor by LP Club in China, Investment Management Chairperson of The Year 2023 by CEO Monthly in the UK, and Investment Management CEO of the Year, Greater China 2024 by International Business Magazine, and the Most Innovate Financial CEO of The Year 2024 by International Investor Magazine, and the winner of APAC Investment Management CEO of the Year 2024.

Mr. Sebright Chen’s leadership style is characterised by strategic vision, innovative thinking, and a commitment to sustainability, driving exceptional performance and long-term value creation. Mr. Chen emphasises integrating sustainability and responsible stewardship into business operations, fostering a forward-thinking and ethical corporate culture. Additionally, Mr. Chen’s extensive international experience across various industries, and strong industry connections enable him to effectively navigate and capitalize on global market opportunities, and to drive growth and adapt to market dynamics. Mr. Chen’s balanced focuses on value creation and ethical practices, ensured his leadership not only benefits shareholders and stakeholders but also aligns with broader societal and sustainable goals.

Mr. Sebright Chen can be reached at: sebright.chen@summeratlantic.com