Platio Limited is a UK-based fintech company, licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom, with over nine years of market experience, Platio offers comprehensive technological solutions tailored for various industries. Operating in over 200 countries, Platio processes over 5 million transactions monthly, serving more than 10,000 merchants globally. Our platform, utilized by 16 fintech companies and connected to 12 processors, ensures secure and efficient payment solutions.

Platio Limited provides a wide range of mass payout services designed to facilitate smooth financial transactions for clients, remote and international employees, contractors, affiliates, and partner programs. These services include payouts to international cards in USD and EUR, SEPA transfers, local payment methods in LATAM and CIS regions, and USDT payments. Our flexible fund replenishment options via SEPA, SWIFT, or USDT transfers.

Our advanced payment solutions address modern business complexities with features such as secure data transmission, recurring billing, mass payouts, multi-currency support, and API integration. We also offer e-commerce solutions, including hosted payment pages and custom integrations, ensuring a seamless and secure payment experience. Additionally, our freelance management tools and white-label solutions for payment providers enable efficient handling of KYC/AML, anti-fraud measures, and multi-currency transactions. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us at