Ardu Prime

Ardu Prime has been operating in the financial services industry for more than two decades and has evolved into a premium investment house offering comprehensive solutions to professionals and sophisticated investors, combining cutting-edge trading technology with very competitive trading conditions.

Established in 1999, Ardu Prime is authorised and regulated by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and a member of the Guarantee Fund and fully compliant with the European Legislation MiFID II. Since 2018, with a new shareholding regime and management in place, it has been focused on investment services for Forex & CFDs. Established partnerships with international companies of the broad financial industry and fintech companies to create a unique “one-stop-shop brokerage” for professional investors. By 2020, the company has been strengthened by a solid and growing high-value client base and continuous investment in proprietary technology and software. From 2020 until today, Ardu Prime forged new partnerships, acquired the licence to use the multi-award-winning MetaTrader 5 platform and expanded its business offering to Retail Forex. To support retail clients, the company created the Department of Dedicated Client Support. At the beginning of 2022 Ardu Prime, looking to the future of the financial and investment sector, according to EU and Greek legal framework was registered as a “Virtual Asset Service Provider” (VASP) under HCMC, allowing Ardu Prime to provide Exchange and Custody services for Digital Assets (Cryptocurrencies) to their clients.

Ardu Prime decided to proceed with a different business model, contrary to the standard approach; having identified that in this industry, and generally in the financial sector, investors with a portfolio of lower value receive standard services from the financial institutions, in contrast to investors with a portfolio of millions who receive special attention. However, those who are between these two categories are usually treated in a similar way to smaller value investors thus creating a shortage of high-quality services for such investors. Taking advantage of this market gap and following a less conventional business development model through collaborating with smaller companies of the industry, already in 2018 back to back with fintech providers, Ardu Prime provided a complete one-stop and bespoke solution to investors with portfolios of hundreds of thousands or a couple million, including cutting edge technology and very competitive trading conditions. By following this strategy, Ardu Prime successfully established relationships with this type of investor and gradually built equally strong ties with clients and partners.

Although its clientele consists mainly of proprietary trading firms and high-net-worth individuals, and in parallel working closely with Hedge Funds, Wealth Management Firms, and Family Offices, Ardu Prime now welcomes every investor and trader.
With foresight and keeping up with global market trends, Ardu Prime has successfully completed its registration with the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and can now provide cryptocurrency exchange services for trading cryptocurrencies with fiat money, cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies, as well as cryptocurrency custody services. By prioritising customer security and the firm’s credibility in the new services offered, the company applies the same customer protection procedures for cryptocurrency services as it does for investment services.