Visa-Pyypl Partnership to Boost Financial Inclusion in MEA

Pyypl, a fintech company operating in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), has partnered with Visa to introduce virtual and physical prepaid Visa cards via its mobile app. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance financial inclusion across the region, providing underserved populations with greater access to financial services.

The initiative, approved by local regulators, is set to transform the financial landscape for 850 million smartphone users in the region. Pyypl’s integration of Visa’s virtual cards will facilitate broader access to financial services.

“With the support of local regulators, Pyypl can now offer prepaid Visa cards in these markets, accelerating financial inclusion throughout the MEA region,” the fintech company stated.

Antti Arponen, CEO and co-founder of Pyypl, emphasised the importance of the partnership: “Working closely with Visa and local regulators in new markets, we are focused on expanding Pyypl’s presence and advancing financial inclusion across the region.”

Hasan Kazmi, VP and head of strategic partnerships and ventures for CEMEA at Visa, highlighted the impact of the collaboration: “We believe in empowering underbanked consumers with innovative, secure payment solutions. This partnership not only provides access to the digital economy but also helps consumers thrive in this increasingly digital age.”

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