Versa users can now invest in Real Estate and Gold

Versa Asia, a Malaysian digital cash management platform, today announced the launch of Versa REITs and Versa Gold as part of an extension of its digital investment services. Customers need just RM100 to begin investing in Versa REITs and Versa Gold.

Versa REITs is a fund that makes investments in a variety of real estate sectors, including factories, warehouses, offices, data centers, business parks, and shopping centers, all of which are located throughout the Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) region and are run by some of the top real estate firms in the continent.

The Affin Hwang Select Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) REITs fund is the foundation of Versa REITs. Versa Gold, on the other hand, is the company’s first Shariah-compliant fund that closely monitors the performance of the gold price and makes it easy to buy and sell gold.

The Affin Hwang Shariah Gold Tracker fund will serve as Versa Gold’s underlying investment. Versa, which was introduced in 2021, just finished an 8-figure investment round, however the amount was not made public.

“Due to its intrinsic properties, asset classes like real estate and gold continue to be favoured by global investors alike due to its stable nature and role as a hedge against inflation. In introducing Versa REITs and Versa Gold, Versa is committed to ensure that everyday Malaysians can invest in these resilient offerings with minimal entry barriers,” Teoh Wei-Xiang, CEO at Versa.

“Through our partnership with Versa, AHAM Capital remains committed in our journey towards spearheading digitalisation to make investing easier and more accessible to all Malaysians. With market cycles becoming shorter and sharper, asset classes like REITs and gold offer a way for investors to diversify their portfolios in order to grow and preserve wealth,” noted Dato’ Teng Chee Wai, MD of AHAM Capital.

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