US Bank taps Kyriba for fintech solution

Kyriba, a cloud-based finance and treasury solution provider based isn San Diego, has teamed up with US Bank to bring real-time payments to businesses. Kyriba’s API Connectivity Network facilitates the integration of banks, enterprise resource planners (ERPs), trading portals, data services and payment applications through pre-built connectors, reducing IT installation costs and time. As a result, both Kyriba and US Bank clients can make instant payments to vendors, customers and employees, as well as payments through the Zelle app from the existing Kyriba dashboard. This solution offers businesses real-time visibility into bank account balances and transaction reporting, thus improving cash flow management.

Anu Somani, US Bank’s head of global payables and embedded payments, stated that by employing real-time APIs, they are meeting their customers’ requirements and seamlessly integrating their payment solutions into their existing systems. The partnership between Kyriba and US Bank offers Kyriba clients a way to decrease payment expenses, strengthen supplier relationships and boost cash visibility and forecasting. According to Bob Stark, Kyriba’s global head of market strategy, the company’s scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform uses artificial intelligence to automate payment workflows, enabling multinationals and banks to maximise growth, protect against fraud and financial risk, and decrease operational expenses.

Kyriba’s payment management system works by using a secure and integrated cloud infrastructure to enable faster and more precise payments, liquidity management and data analysis. The company provides an extensive range of risk management solutions, including cash and liquidity management, fraud detection, and supply chain finance. Kyriba’s collaboration with US Bank will enhance their existing capabilities and enable customers to manage cash and liquidity more efficiently. The partnership’s combined expertise will enable businesses to automate and streamline their payment processes, enabling them to focus on growth and revenue generation.

Kyriba’s collaboration with US Bank underscores the growing significance of real-time payment solutions in the financial services sector. As more companies adopt digital payment solutions, demand for real-time payment methods continues to rise. The alliance between the two companies will aid businesses in enhancing payment efficiency and transparency while lowering payment costs.

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