Uniccon set to launch Africa’s 1st humanoid robot

According to the Uniccon Group of Companies, the first humanoid robot in Africa, called “Omeife,” would be unveiled in Nigeria. The event is slated to take place on Friday 2nd November, 2022, according to the group’s CEO, Mr. Chuks Ekwueme, who made this known in a statement on Thursday in Abuja.
The six-foot-tall female African humanoid, according to Ekwueme, is a multifunctional and support robot that offers language as a service to enterprises that need to include native African audiences.

“It Identifies and tags humans through face and facial expressions, paying attention to a specific item when required. It Identifies objects, knows their characteristics and also calculates positions and distances of objects it sees. It pays attention to a specific person to keep the conversation alive. It is careful and aware of words, phrases, sentences and expressions that are not polite in African cultures,” he said.

He added that it is non-reactive, safe for the child’s smooth contact, knowledgeable in many areas, and always teachable. It has the capacity to remember and comprehend previously spoken ideas more clearly when presented with fresh information.

Terrain intelligence, position awareness, advanced gestures, grasp, and a thorough understanding of African culture and behavioural patterns are just a few of its capabilities, according to Ekwueme. He claims that the robot converses in English, French, Arabic, Kiswahili, Pidgin, Wazobia, Afrikaans, and Igbo in addition to other African languages.

He said: “For terrain intelligence, knowing the level of ground and stability of itself on the floor, this will help it navigate on non-flat surfaces and maintain good balance. For position awareness, the GPS for location and state-management is for knowing whether the system is standing, walking or talking. Advanced gestures are the expression of talking, hand illustrations, smile and other bodily gestures. Grip is the ability to size, understand shape and how to hold things with its hand.”

According to the CEO, Africa’s contributions to the global tech ecosystem are widely known. “Africa’s contribution to the global ICT ecosystem is increasingly acknowledged. We are pleased to assist businesses and individuals across Africa in realising their full potential by giving them access to the most cutting-edge efficiency technologies through Omeife and other projects, he said.

Stanislas Kamanzi, the Rwandan High Commissioner to Nigeria, Prof. Isa Pantami, the minister of communications and the digital economy, and other notable figures will be present. The world’s largest technology expo, GITEX, in Dubai, hosted the global launch of Omeife, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in the African Tech Ecosystem is the focus of the upcoming event. One of Nigeria’s most rapidly expanding technology firms, Uniccon Group, provides businesses and government organisations in Africa with a variety of cutting-edge technological solutions.

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