Towerbank plans bitcoin-friendly services

Towerbank, one of Panama’s leading financial institutions, has now announced that it is bitcoin-friendly. The announcement first broke on Twitter when Cristobal Pereira, the executive director of the Latam Blockchain Summit, tweeted from the event where Towerbank broke the news to attendees.

Following Pereira’s, Towerbank’s official Twitter account followed with a confirmation, noting that “Towerbank, in Panama, opens its doors to bitcoiners and cryptocurrency investors,” the tweet was accompanied by a laser-eyed meme of its headquarters.

Towerbank’s vice president of product, Gabriel Campa, is seen in a video posted to the Blockchain Space Instagram account discussing how the bank is researching bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Campa indicated that the bank hopes to develop some offerings for its customers as soon as possible. He said this as regards its plans for the development of bitcoin-based products. According to Campa, the process for Towerbank customers who want to get started with bitcoin is simple.

To set up a bitcoin-friendly account, customers must “present an ID card or passport, telephone number, email, activity in which they are engaged, place of work, monthly income and place of residence.”

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