Temasek Holdings’ value reaches S$400bn

On Tuesday (July 12), Temasek Holdings announced a record net portfolio value that for the first time exceeded S$400 billion while forecasting a slower rate of future investment.

According to its most recent annual review, its net portfolio was valued at S$403 billion for the fiscal year that concluded on March 31. This is an increase of S$22 billion over the S$381 billion it attained a year earlier.

This represents a slower rate of growth than the previous fiscal year, which saw Temasek record a S$75 billion increase, or a nearly 25% jump in its net portfolio value. It marked a change from the financial year 2019–2020 when the COVID–19 pandemic caused a 2.2% decline in net portfolio value.

Its one-year total shareholder return, which subtracts any capital infusions from all dividends delivered to shareholders, remained positive at 5.81%, down from the previous year’s 24.53%.

The overall shareholder returns over 10 and 20 years were 7% and 8%, respectively, which is identical to last year’s numbers.

“Amid the uncertainty in global markets, we steadily invested and divested to capture opportunities aligned with long-term structural trends,” a press release from Temasek Holdings stated.

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