SIC grants assignment title for new train

With 30 five-car trains and a length of 58 kilometres, the Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train will offer swift and secure public transportation.

The Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train (TIMT) was assigned to the National Infrastructure Fund trust (FONADIN), established by the National Bank of Public Works and Services (BANOBRAS), for its operation and exploitation.

Leading the transfer were the SICT’s chief civil engineer Jorge Arganis Dáz-Leal, the assignee who was represented by the National Infrastructure Fund’s Public Trustee Delegate from 1936, engineer Carlos Mier, and Terán Ordiales.

Fonadin-Banobras may offer the public service of passenger rail transportation in the standard intercity mode on the TIMT railway through the Assignment Title, including the authorizations to offer the necessary auxiliary services.

The SICT commits to completing the TIMT’s infrastructure and equipment construction as well as delivering the assigned items to the assignee in good shape and accordance with the predetermined features, with the trains running smoothly and safely.

According to the validity of FONADIN, the assignment will be valid until February 8, 2058. If the assignee needs to extend the assignment title’s validity, it may do so in accordance with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

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