Shopify partners with Melio for payments

Shopify has partnered with US-based B2B payments platform, Melio, to launch Shopify Bill Pay, an accounts payable solution aimed at helping merchants manage and pay their bills. With this solution, Shopify merchants can pay their bills via credit, bank, or wire transfer. They can also choose how their vendors receive payments by check, bank, or wire transfer without having to leave the Shopify platform. Melio’s payment support in 100 countries enables merchants to pay invoices for everything, including inventory, shipping and advertising, both within the US and abroad.

Shopify Bill Pay is 2x faster than other B2B expense management solutions and saves merchants an average of 16 hours each month, according to Shopify and Melio. The solution is integrated into Shopify Balance, which is the free business account from Shopify, and there are no subscription or sign-up fees. The partnership between Shopify and Melio aims to provide Shopify merchants with a simplified bill-paying experience, more flexibility in managing their cash flow, and countless hours saved in tracking invoices.

This new development will give Shopify merchants an easier and more convenient way of managing their bills. Shopify Bill Pay will simplify the process of bill payment, enabling merchants to save time, allowing them to focus more on their business. Melio’s payment support in over 100 countries will provide merchants with the flexibility to pay bills regardless of their location. Shopify and Melio aim to help businesses establish trust and build a better payment ecosystem, providing a more seamless payment experience for everyone.

This partnership will allow Shopify to expand its payment offerings and help it grow as an e-commerce platform. With this new solution, Shopify will have a more comprehensive payment system, which will be beneficial to merchants as it will help them to streamline their processes. This partnership is a step forward for the two companies towards simplifying the payment experience for merchants, and it is expected to be beneficial for both parties.

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