SeedBlink acquires platform Symbid

Dutch investment crowdfunding company Symbid has been acquired by SeedBlink, a co-investment platform for software firms situated in Bucharest. By expanding the venture partners’ operations in Western Europe, the acquisition will expand SeedBlink’s reach as it prepares to consolidate and develop the infrastructure for equity investment for European digital startups at all stages.

Together with the latest acquisition, the two platforms’ networks of 62,000 individual investors have invested over €110 million in 250 firms. The new purchase broadens the group of high-net-worth individuals, which increases the pool of investors with a base in Romania.

Since its early 2020 launch, SeedBlink has attracted over 12,000 individual investors from 60 different countries, mobilised over €75 million in startup investments, and has 62 funded European startups in its portfolio. Users of SeedBlink have invested with other investors in firms like FlowX, Dronamics, Hunch, and Druid.

Ionuț Pătrăhău, managing director and corporate development at SeedBlink said: “It is a natural move as we look towards European consolidation. Combining the two companies will support portfolio diversification and investment infrastructure, putting together both east and west advantages.”

Since its establishment in 2011, Symbid has grown to include 50,000 investors, the majority of whom are based in the Benelux. It has permitted investments totaling €35 million for more than 180 firms through equity and convertible notes in its first ten years of existence, 67 of which were in the technology industry.

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