Saudi Arabia’s Mirror Line still in view

The Neom construction, an opulent skyscraper metropolis with two mirrored skyscrapers rising 1,600 feet tall and spreading horizontally, in parallel, for 75 miles, is still moving forward under the direction of Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Mirror Line project, which aims to accommodate more than 5 million people, is anticipated to cost over a trillion dollars and take 50 years to complete, according to some analysts and architects.

Neom will combine vertical crops into the structure along with sports stadiums, a yacht marina, and a high-speed train. The exclusive metropolis seems like the perfect place for billionaires with too much free time.

Due to its violations of human rights and the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in 2018, the kingdom has had a difficult time attracting foreign investment for the project. But MBS has used unexpected oil earnings from the continuing energy crisis to entice financial assistance for the project in an effort to strengthen the nation’s infrastructure and speed up growth. He has given Saudi Arabia’s national reform project a deadline of 2030.

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