Quintana Infrastructure taps Astarte Capital Partners

Quintana Infrastructure & Development LLC, a Houston, Texas-based infrastructure investor and operator, has formed Quintana Adaptive Infrastructure Capital with Astarte Capital Partners LLP, a London, UK-based asset management firm focused on real assets.

In North America, QAI plans to invest more than $1.5 billion in mid-market, value-add infrastructure. The main focus is on adaptive infrastructure assets that will answer changing societal needs, resulting in resilient infrastructure requirements for our generation and future generations.

QID’s strong investing, operating, and development capabilities are combined with Astarte’s long-standing asset management and ESG framework. QAI will concentrate on the data and technology, industrial and environmental, decarbonization, and energy transition infrastructure verticals.

QAI will invest $20 to $80 million in equity, with a strategy that includes developing greenfield and brownfield assets into running firms, acquiring existing assets and repositioning or repurposing them into viable platforms, and providing growth capital to emerging businesses.

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