Quinbrook launches $2.5bn 800MW project

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners has announced the launch of its latest $2.5bn 800MW data storage project. According to Quinbrook, the new Supernode will house one of the largest battery storage installations in the Australian National Electricity Market and be one of the largest data storage campus projects in the Southern Hemisphere with permits obtained.

The business, a specialised investment manager, concentrates solely on the new infrastructure required for a switch to green energy. According to Quinbrook, the project site is close to Brendale’s South Pine substation, the main hub of the Queensland Electricity Network.

For a multi-tenant facility with up to four hyper-scale data centres, the company recently received approval from Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Foreign Investment Review Board and local planning departments. They will establish a direct connection to the nearby South Pine substation, which can provide up to 800 MWs of power supply through three different high voltage connections.

David Scaysbrook, managing partner and co-founder of Quinbrook, claims that the area has plenty of potential for supplying the enormous batteries with locally produced solar, wind, and hydro-sourced renewable energy, which will also power the campus’s future data centres.

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