Q&A on Sustainable Innovation with Landco Pacific Corporation President and CEO Erickson Y. Manzano

Pioneering premium developments for more than 30 years in the Philippines, Landco Pacific Corporation President and CEO Erickson Y. Manzano shares how the premier real estate developer continues to evolve to ensure its relevance in the evolving market.  

What is unique about Landco’s real estate developments?  

Landco Pacific is a pioneering real estate developer in the country.  As a private company, we are not pressured to churn out cookie-cutter projects just to chase revenues.  We have the luxury of time to really think, plan, and execute our projects according to what we believe our clients will need, want, and love.  As a testament to this, wherever our developments are located, they are arguably one of the best, if not the best, development in that area. With Landco Pacific’s track record of high property appreciation of its developments in Batangas, particularly Punta Fuego with over 1,000 percent value appreciation since it was developed in the mid-1990s, investors can rely on the strong potential for growth of their investment in Landco’s property developments.

What are your inspirations for the latest property developments of Landco?

I am a travel junkie. I get my inspiration for the designs and innovative sustainability features from my experiences in key cities around the world and share them with my team.  The container van bars of Tulum, Mexico was my inspiration for the sustainable accommodation of Crusoe Cabins in Landco BeachTowns CaSoBē (Calatagan South Beach) in Batangas. From arranging the arching lamp posts of CaSoBē to look like the ribs of a whale, to the pod-like Cocoons in CaSoBē and Club Laiya, Batangas, my trips have been instrumental for the visual elements of the Landco BeachTowns.

How important is sustainability to Landco and its latest developments? 

Landco Pacific places great emphasis on sustainability.  We don’t only pay lip service to it. Sustainability is very personal to me and I do my best to embed it into our corporate DNA.  Currently, in our country, the market is not yet at the level that it is willing to pay a premium for sustainability.  So we subsidize these additional investments from our margins, i.e., we take less profit simply because we know it’s the right thing to do.  And I hope it inspires other developers to follow suit.  

What are the sustainability features and initiatives in the Landco BeachTowns? 

We embedded sustainability measures in the master-planned BeachTowns of CaSoBē and Club Laiya to reduce the development’s carbon footprint, reduce its water consumption, and help uplift the lives of the communities within its vicinity.

Both Landco BeachTowns, CaSoBē and Club Laiya, are the first to adopt a double-piped water management system in the country. This water recycling feature of our BeachTowns allows wastewater to be treated and piped back for toilet flushing, irrigation, and other uses. The result is the exponential reduction of water consumption and significantly less water bills for our lot owners.

As a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-Registered BeachTown, we’ve embedded sound sustainability practices into our Master Deed which require (while some are highly encouraged) our residents to adopt so that they can also personally contribute to the BeachTown’s overall environmental sustainability.  Some examples would be the mandated use of low-flow fixtures, energy-efficient lighting, and appliances, required window-to-wall ratios, and the use of recycled water, among others. 

From a sustainable beach lifestyle, engineering design efficiency, staff participation in environmental and coastal conservation efforts, mangrove tree planting, and support to local fisherfolks, Landco Pacific has placed sustainability high on its priority to drive positive impact for the community and environment.

What are the certifications and awards of Landco Pacific for its environmental sustainability initiatives?  

Landco BeachTowns CaSoBē and Club Laiya are both LEED registered for the properties’ water recycling with a double piping system; permeable bike lanes and pedestrian tree-lined walkways around the property to reduce carbon footprints; and murals and design details across the property that puts into the spotlight the importance of marine life and highly encourage our residents to walk.

Millennial Resorts, the hospitality arm of Landco Pacific, which manages the leisure facilities at the BeachTowns, is the first EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) certified resort in the country for the sustainable accommodations of Crusoe Cabins in CaSoBē. The EDGE Certification was awarded by the Philippine Green Building Initiative, Inc. (PGBI) which recognized Crusoe Cabins for its eco-efficient design that resulted in a reduction of 34% in energy, 57% in water, and 65% in embodied energy in materials compared to the local base case. 

Crusoe Cabins stand out as upcycled and refurbished cargo containers at CaSoBē and Costa Azalea in Samal, Davao. Cocoons are made of upcycled and refitted concrete drainage pipes at CaSoBē and Club Laiya.

For our commitment to sustainability as reflected in our latest BeachTowns that emphasize sustainable developments in the prime tourist and leisure destinations of Batangas, Landco Pacific Corporation was given the Grand Award of Best Boutique Developer in Luzon by the country’s well-respected real estate award-giving body, Philippine Lamudi’s Outlook 2022 Real Estate Awards. Adding another feather to our cap, Landco is most honored to receive the 2022 Most Sustainable Luxury Real Estate Developer in the Philippines Award by the prestigious Pan Finance International Award.

What is your vision for Landco in the near future?  

I envision Landco Pacific to be a trailblazer in the Philippines, in terms of design and sustainability.  We hope that the innovations we introduce now will be copied by other developers and become the industry norm in a decade. In the long term, I envision Landco Pacific to be internationally-relevant in upscale leisure development, with its homegrown brand and unique real estate concepts expanding across the region and vibrant locations around the world.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC) helmed by business magnate Manuel V. Pangilinan, we have the strength and stability to continuously create exceptional developments that can be enjoyed now and passed on as a legacy to the next generations.

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