Oracle to invest more in Israel -Netanyahu

During a meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Oracle Corp CEO Safra Catz on Tuesday, the potential for an increased investment by the company in Israel was discussed, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s office. Oracle specialises in providing products and services for enterprise information technology (IT) environments. The meeting also involved conversations about the opportunities that arise from the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

Netanyahu’s office did not provide further details regarding the specific areas of investment or the extent of Oracle’s potential expansion in Israel. However, the meeting highlighted the ongoing interest of global technology companies in the country. Israel has gained a reputation as a thriving tech hub, attracting significant investment and fostering innovation in various sectors, including AI.

Oracle’s engagement in discussions related to AI reflects the growing importance of the technology across industries. As AI continues to advance, companies are exploring its applications and seeking opportunities to leverage its capabilities. Israel, with its robust tech ecosystem and talent pool, offers an attractive environment for such endeavors.

The meeting between Netanyahu and Catz underscores the government’s commitment to fostering partnerships and attracting investment from prominent technology firms. The Israeli government has been actively promoting the country’s tech sector and implementing policies to support its growth. The dialogue with Oracle, a leading global IT company, highlights the collaborative efforts to capitalise on the potential of AI and strengthen the technology landscape in Israel.

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