Netflix plans end to account sharing

Netflix has declared its intention to clamp down on password sharing among its subscribers by the end of March 2023. In October, the streaming company had indicated its intent to charge users who share their accounts, but failed to provide any concrete details.

During its recent shareholder meetings, Netflix acknowledged that this would be a significant change for subscribers who share their accounts with others. To make password sharing more complicated, the company may impose an additional fee.

According to its website, Netflix identifies shared accounts through a combination of a user’s location, IP address, device ID, and account activity from devices that are signed into the same account. The firm confirmed to investors last week that stricter sharing policies will be rolled out by the end of March. Currently, over 100 million households share Netflix passwords.

Netflix cites that password sharing undermines its long-term ability to invest in and improve the platform. In the future, members in many countries will have the option to pay extra to share their Netflix account with those outside of their household. However, the company remains confident that engagement will continue to grow as it continues to provide a high-quality selection of programming and as borrowers sign up for their own accounts.

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