NatWest Integrates OneID to Streamline Customer Verification

NatWest is eliminating text authorisations and one-time passwords in its customer verification process through its partnership with digital identity service provider OneID. This integration will apply OneID’s bank-verified digital identity solution to NatWest’s structured finance business in the Nordics.

Customers in the UK, Sweden, Finland, and Norway will be able to use their existing bank authentications when signing NatWest leasing agreements via Adobe Acrobat Sign. The OneID solution also allows scanning government-issued identity documents to verify customer identities, supporting coverage in over 200 countries.

NatWest says the integration “enhances security and reduces friction, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.” This follows a previous collaboration with OneID, where NatWest launched its Customer Attribute Sharing service to allow businesses access to bank-held data and enhance digital identity verification processes.

“Utilising OneID’s digital identity solution within Adobe Acrobat Sign streamlines business processes while strengthening the security of signatories,” said Kevin Dearing, head of Bank of APIs at NatWest.

Simon Jacobson, application owner at NatWest Nordisk Renting, highlighted the practical benefits, noting that OneID’s digital identity solution has reduced the signatory process “from days to hours” and supports the bank’s commitment to sustainability.

This strategic move reflects NatWest’s efforts to enhance security and efficiency in its customer verification processes through innovative digital solutions.

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