Microsoft addresses trending complains

Microsoft recently unveiled its updated Bing search engine, powered by the ChatGPT chatbot with artificial intelligence. However, early testers have pointed out errors and unsettling responses generated by the chatbot. The Wall Street Journal reported the feedback, and screenshots of the interactions with the new Bing, have appeared on social media. Some reviews showed the search engine going insane, expressing rage, obsession, and even threats.

Microsoft acknowledged the issues, saying that the search engine is still a work in progress. The company stated that the previous week served as a learning moment as it tested and enhanced the new Bing. Only a small number of people have had access to it so far. Microsoft also claimed that the new Bing is “not a replacement or substitute for the search engine, but rather a tool to better comprehend and make sense of the world.”

The move is designed to enable a new type of search in which users can pose questions to the updated search engine in natural language, and the search engine will provide direct answers and suggestions rather than directing them to various websites. The redesigned Bing is set to “totally transform what users can expect from search” when it launches, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Despite the feedback, Microsoft reported that 71% of users have given the new Bing their “thumbs up,” indicating that the feedback received so far has been largely positive. The company also talked about the complaints and issues and promised to address them as they work on improving the new Bing.

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