Mastercard taps Checkout.com partner in the UAE

Mastercard, a prominent global technology company at the forefront of the payments sector, has joined forces with Checkout.com, a well-regarded global payments solutions provider, and Careem, a renowned ‘Everything App’ in the Middle East, to embark on a transformative collaboration.

In an effort to revolutionise real-time payments, this partnership offers a groundbreaking opportunity for Careem Pay users in the UAE to access near-instantaneous transactions. The integration of Mastercard Send into Careem Pay signifies a significant enhancement in speed, ease, and security for individuals utilising the Careem app for money transfers and everyday services.

As a pioneer in the global payments industry, Mastercard is committed to strengthening an all-encompassing digital economy, with a focus on secure, intelligent, and straightforward transactions. Leveraging robust data and networks, their innovations empower individuals, businesses, and governments to unleash their full potential.

Checkout.com, as a worldwide provider of payments solutions, empowers businesses in the digital realm. Notably, they became the first to secure an acquiring license from the UAE Central Bank. Harnessing the power of Mastercard Send and its expansive payment network, they are enhancing their wallet top-up service for numerous Mastercard cardholders in the UAE.

Careem, an integrated platform offering a spectrum of daily services, facilitates seamless navigation, item ordering, and money transfers for its users. With over a decade of experience in securing payments and a user base exceeding 50 million, it maintains a leading position in its field.

Mastercard Send, available in 108 countries, has made its debut in the UAE through its collaboration with Careem Pay. This innovative integration aspires to chart the course for the future of payments in the UAE, bringing about swift refunds for marketplaces, elevated person-to-person (P2P) and international money transfers, and bolstering the retail and delivery sectors.

Mastercard, with its extensive presence across more than 210 countries, relentlessly strives to foster a sustainable world enriched with unparalleled opportunities. In parallel, Checkout.com, boasting a footprint in 19 global locations including Dubai and Riyadh, remains dedicated to optimizing businesses’ payment performance.

Amnah Ajmal, Executive Vice President of Market Development, EEMEA at Mastercard, expressed, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Checkout.com and Careem to reinforce the presence of Mastercard Send in the region. Aligning with our commitment to drive digital transformation across our served markets, Mastercard is proactively partnering to expand innovative payment options for consumers. We will continue to expand our network of partners as we expand the reach of Mastercard Send across various segments and use cases.”

Remo Giovanni Abbondandolo, General Manager for MENA at Checkout.com, stated, “As one of the initial partners of Mastercard Send in the UAE, we are now able to offer advanced payment services to our customers, providing a seamless user experience for wallet top-ups. We are dedicated to collaborating with Mastercard to explore new use cases and raise awareness about the multitude of benefits Mastercard Send offers merchants for both funding and disbursements.”

Ahmed Salahy, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Careem Pay, affirmed, “The Mastercard Send solution will help Careem Pay fulfill part of our purpose and commitment to simplify payment experiences and access to FinTech products for customers. Careem Pay, Careem’s digital wallet and FinTech division, enables customers to effortlessly top up their wallets, conduct instant money transfers, and make payments for products and services, both within and beyond the Careem Everything App. Mastercard Send now provides our UAE customers with access to near-real-time payments, offering convenience and security to support the financial inclusion of Careem’s digital wallet growth in the market.”

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