Kuwait-Google Cloud alliance to aid infrastructure

The establishment of a local office and investment in the introduction of a cloud region by Google Cloud in Kuwait, according to Kuwaiti Minister of Commerce and Industry Mazen Al-Nahedh, will support the development of the nation’s digital infrastructure.

According to Kuwait News Agency, Google Cloud and the Kuwaiti government recently established a strategic agreement to create a comprehensive digital transformation plan across government agencies and state-owned businesses.

Together, they will conduct digital transformation efforts in healthcare, education, disaster recovery, and smart homes while also increasing staff productivity.

According to Al-Nahedh, Kuwait will be able to take advantage of Google Cloud’s cutting-edge technology and experience in data analytics, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence thanks to the partnership.

Youth in Kuwait would also be given work by it, the minister continued.

Over 5,000 Kuwaiti students and workers in the public and commercial sectors will receive training as part of a national skill programme that will be launched by the Kuwaiti Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority in partnership with Google Cloud.

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