KIB introduces Biometric Visa Card

Kuwait International Bank (KIB) has unveiled its new Biometric Visa Card, a cutting-edge payment solution that utilises customers’ fingerprints for secure authorisation of point-of-sale (POS) transactions. This groundbreaking offering eliminates the need for a PIN, allowing Visa Infinite cardholders to conveniently enrol their fingerprints directly on their biometric cards. Developed in partnership with Zwipe, this next-generation biometric card is specifically tailored to KIB’s Black Banking segment, aligning with the bank’s digital transformation efforts and commitment to delivering digitally enhanced services and solutions.

Deema Al Mulaifi, Assistant General Manager of Operations at Kuwait International Bank, expressed enthusiasm about the release of the Biometric Visa Card. She stated that customers within the Black Banking segment can now benefit from this innovative technology, which offers convenience, accessibility, and a high level of security against fraudulent activities. By activating the fingerprint feature on their Visa Infinite cards, customers can effortlessly make POS transactions, enhancing their lifestyle. Alongside this secure and user-friendly payment solution, KIB’s Black Banking segment enjoys various premium banking benefits and exclusive rewards, further enhancing their banking experience.

Shashank Singh, Visa’s Vice President and General Manager for Kuwait and Qatar, emphasised Visa’s commitment to developing and investing in emerging technologies like biometrics for the advantage of consumers. Singh expressed delight in collaborating with KIB and Zwipe to introduce this groundbreaking biometric card, providing consumers in Kuwait with a seamless and secure payment experience.

Ramzi Saboury, General Manager for Zwipe in the MEA Region, expressed pride and gratitude for KIB’s decision to commercially launch the latest generation of Zwipe’s biometric card in Kuwait. This initiative places KIB at the forefront globally, and Saboury acknowledged the bank’s trust in Zwipe’s technology and product. With Visa’s extensive involvement from the certification process to the live product launch, the newly revealed Zwipe Pay Card ensures optimal user experience, robust security, and strict data privacy standards.

In summary, Kuwait International Bank’s introduction of the Biometric Visa Card marks a significant milestone in banking innovation. By leveraging fingerprint authentication, the card offers KIB’s Black Banking customers a secure, convenient, and advanced payment solution. The collaboration between KIB, Visa, and Zwipe demonstrates a shared commitment to delivering cutting-edge financial services that prioritise customer satisfaction and security.

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