JPMorgan reverses Covid precautions

JPMorgan Chase informed its U.S. employees on Monday that the bank was reversing certain coronavirus precautionary measures as the number of cases continues to decline. Starting today, wearing a mask at work will be “totally voluntary” for all employees, regardless of immunization status, according to the memo.

The bank will no longer require unvaccinated personnel to undergo mandatory testing and will begin recruiting unvaccinated workers next month, according to the statement.

Corporations are preparing for the return to work two years after sending employees off en masse in the early days of the pandemic. After peaking throughout the winter, the number of Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in the United States has decreased, allowing governments to loosen requirements such as requiring masks in public schools.

Employees in New York City are still protected by the local vaccine mandate, according to JPMorgan, and they will need to keep logging replies into the bank’s vaccine program.

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