HSBC expands global securities services in ADGM

For its important sovereign, institutional, and investment manager clients, HSBC has expanded its Markets and Securities Services business in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) by gaining an arranging custody licence.

The extension links customers to a custodian network in 96 markets worldwide and offers a premier digital platform for securities services activities, providing institutional clients with global custody services.

From sovereign and institutional clients to family offices and extremely wealthy people to investment managers and retail customers, HSBC is expanding its wealth management capabilities across all customer groups.

“Our new presence in ADGM complements HSBC’s existing securities services presence across the region and around the world,” Abdulfattah added.

Cross-border financial flows are made possible through custody services, which include the storage and maintenance of securities and other financial assets on behalf of clients. They also assist the risk management needs of asset owners and investment managers.

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